TRIPLUX platform significantly reduces the number of electrical and electronic components by integrating drive, power generation and charging mechanisms.


XAOS drive unit integrated patent technology is the technology of all OEMs' goals. TRIPLUX processes { 1 drive / 2 power generation / 3 charging } with one motor. The drive unit design goes beyond engineering and conducts basic research on electrical and electronic science. 

4th Generation Motor, TRIPLUX
Driver Mode : performs the drive function
Generator Mode : performs the regenerative braking function
Charger Mode : performs the charger function

Compare XAOS drive components with Tesla's powertrain, which significantly reduces the core components. Differences in component types have a major impact on the physical and time costs of business. This is a very important condition for OEMs in the preoccupation of the electric vehicle market.

TRIPLUX Platform

TRIPLUX Motor : Driver & Generator & Charger, All in One Motor 

Motor Energy Efficiency 98% ( others 85~95% )
Regenerative Brake Energy Gain Factor 85% ( others 30~40% )
All Electric Vehicle ( Aircraft , Auto, Unmanned aerial vehicle )

AIDP Inverter : Artificial Intelligence xDrive Power Inverter

Electrical Locked System
Electrical ABS System
Electrical 4 Wheel Drive System
Electrical 2 Wheel Drive System
Electrical Rear Drive System

PCCD Controller : Power Computing Central Domain Controller

All(in)-Wheel Motor System
On-Board Charger System
Transmission System

TRIPLUX In-Wheel : 7Kg

TRIPLUX combines the main functions of the electric vehicle powertrain into one motor. The electronic circuit and digital technology minimize the size and weight of the motor (<7Kg). 

Continuous Power32KW
Base Speed900RPM
Maximum Speed1450RPM
DC Link Voltage (nominal)300V
DC Link Voltage range300 ~ 750V
Efficiency (Motor)>93%
Motor Weight (Est.)7Kg
Net Motor KW/Weight4.6KW/Weight
ApplicationIn-wheel Motor


XAOS plans to unveil an electric vehicle in 2022 that offers a competitive price advantage over engine vehicles more rapidly than Global Research expects. In addition to satisfying the price, mileage, and charging time that the customer considers important, XAOS will provide the OEMs' electric vehicle platforms that can quickly produce electric vehicles. 

XAOS plans to integrate the sensor unit in 2021, following the integration of the drive unit in 2020. The integration of XAOS's autonomous driving sensor unit is the technology industry in the defense industry, and will become the most notable company in 2022.