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Yoo Soo-yeub

Yoo Soo-Yeub

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Yoo Soo-yeub is Chief Technology Officer at XAOS Motors.

Yoo holds an M.S. in Robot and Control Engineering from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, a B.S. in Avionics from Hankuk Aviation University, and completed most of his Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering at the NYU-Poly.

Yoo has demonstrated excellent commercialization ability of science and technology and implementation ability several times.

- First development of magnetic levitation train motor
He designed a linear motor that is currently used as a motor for maglev trains. It was the world's first commercialized technology to handle magnetic levitation and forward movement with a single motor.

- First development of Motorola Razr phone
He was head of development for Razr, a Motorola phone. He changed the circuit design and reduced the manufacturing cost and solved the problem of supply and demand by using the electronic chip which was not used in the past. For this reason, Pantech, which was in charge of the development and production of Razr, quickly grew into a trillion-dollar company.

- First development of LED display
He also succeeded in commercializing LED displays earlier than Japan, a display powerhouse. The technology has evolved to become an OLED display and the basis for Korea to become a display powerhouse.


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