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Hwang Chul-Jeung

Hwang Chul-Jeung

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Chul-Jeung Hwang is Chief Executive Officer of XAOS Motors. Before being CEO in November 2019, CJH held performance leadership roles in various public services across the government and visionary leadership roles in technology-driven change across the industry and business sectors. Starting XAOS Motors in 2019, he quickly became known as a leader who could change the paradigm in the field of all kinds of automotive technologies and businesses by realising XAOS Motors’s 10 years ahead EV platforms.

Previously, CJH had spent more than 25 years in the Korean government sector. Through his positions with various organizations(Korea Communications Commission, Ministry of Information and Communication, Office of the President, Office of the Prime Minister, National Intelligence Service, National Computerization Agency), CJH had liberalized and introduced competition in the telecommunications market, introducing and authorizing competition in the mobile telecommunications market, informatization of the national society and industry, opening and mass dissemination of the Internet, reforming the broadcasting market, and expanding and protecting information security organizations. CJH had worked in the development of policies, the introduction and popularization of new services in the Internet, and the development of privacy policies. After retirement, CJH have advised top management of several companies.

Originally born in Seoul, Korea, he earned a bachelor’s degree in law from Seoul National University School of Law, two master’s degrees in public policy from the Seoul National University School of Public Administration and in law from Columbia University Law School, and a doctoal degree in public policy from Korea University Political Science & Economics. CJH is married and has two children.


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