Who we are

XAOS is a dynamic technology company. We create technology based on science as the core of everything we do.

XAOS Motors promise

First, we will change the technological paradigm of electric vehicles. We will write new textbooks with outstanding technology that leads the 4th generation powertrain era with technology that is at least 10 years ahead in the electric vehicle market now entering the 3rd generation powertrain era.

Second, we will create a new life space. Our new EV platform makes it very easy to introduce new and diverse applications into electric vehicles. The platform will create not only new driving experience and ownership, but also a new living space for mankind.

Third, we will become a company that realizes social values while doing commercial activities. The decoupling solutions to global pollution and climate change have pushed to replace engine cars, which take up half of petroleum energy consumption, with electric vehicles. Now our TRIPLUX cuts electrical energy by half more than other EVs do.

We start without hesitation into the one trillion market, one quarter of the automotive market. Our challenge would be ‘the’ New Normal, ’the’ New Paradigm and ‘the’ New World.

Transparency technology

'Researching and developing a transparency technology' is the shortest sentence of my philosophy for technology. Most engineers want to show their studied result one that is at the beginner's stage, but the high-end engineers know the gaps from a perfect one.

For example, the best car developing companies want a vehicle that is trustable and comfortable. Hence, the user can believe it deeply and may consider it as a friend of their own. If passengers feeling he is on board while riding, he may not comfortable and it is not the best one. Transparency is not a new concept for audio engineering. The audio system for the public address at the orchestra playing concert hall, a few audio systems send the players to sound to the audience. Most of the audio systems alter the original sound and enforce the audience to listen to their own sound.

The best companies and extremely developed engineering companies are considering the final the transparent. Not only automotive, but also audio, storage system, movie theater, and human-related products, it is a vector of high technology engineers without or with. Also, I am the one can scent the vector of future technology.