About XAOS

We will become a leader in the electric vehicle market by developing 4th generation powertrain for wheel motor.

Transforming Chaos into Cosmos

XAOS is the Old Greek alphabet χάος and is used today as Chaos, commonly meaning confusion or disorder. But using this word, we describe the world theoretically deterministic but realistically non-deterministic as the interaction phenomenon of all things. 

Nonetheless, we also express the willingness to bring into the world the scope of deterministic understanding and extend into the world the regularity and order of interaction.

In other words, we, in order to transform the world as chaos into a world as cosmos, want to overcome limitations and incongruities and make civilization more environmentally friendly.

XAOS Motors best makes efforts to improve the quality of human life and respond to climate change.

Legend of Electromagnetic Control Technology

We have created a new normal digital electric vehicle platform. We provide an electric vehicle platform that helps OEMs to efficiently manufacture electric vehicles. OEMs can reduce their EV costs by $7,000 to $9,000 by adopting XAOS EV platform. Customers are satisfied with the lower price, longer range and shorter charging time guaranteed by the TRIPLUX platform. 

We have leading experiences in highly advanced electrical and electronic control technology. We designed a motor for a magnetic levitation train and designed a regenerative brake for a subway. We also designed electronic circuits for smartphones and LED displays. We are the innovator in optimizing the digital technology of xEV with new materials and structures.

Legend of 3D Vision Sensors & Image Analysis

We will have an opportunity for the high level integration of electric vehicle systems. The car continues its transition from a hardware-driven machine to a software-driven electronics device. The E/E architecture is evolving from independent, function-specific ECUs towards a centralized architecture. Power electronics technology, which has expanded from IT, is at the core of the autonomous driving industry. 

We have experience in analyzing vision sensing and image applying electromagnetics. We have experience in developing distance and speed measuring devices such as speed guns, and in developing solutions for 3D visualization and analysis of medical imaging information. We can handle lasers, radars, ultrasounds very aptly.